Movement Therapist / Personal Trainer / Yoga Instructor educated in Canada and The Netherlands; having also done research in NYC within ABT (American Ballet Theatre) and University of Nice, France. From a young age being involved in different sports including performance and martial arts, I have always been attracted to the inclusive theme of culture, fitness and personal growth. Part of my education was dedicated to Community and International Relations. Honorable mention to Lester B Pearson World College; University of Victoria, BC.; Rediscovery International Foundation and Shawnigan Lake Private School. I have worked with professional and amateur athletes as well as Olympic / National teams and individual athletes since 1990.

In 2009 I relocated to Sweden, worked with Innebandy teams and then established ‘Graham Theory – beyond the linear’ studio in Stockholm 3 years later. My approach is integrated with the personal: research, education and philosophy. Strategies are adaptive and interactive. The holistic ‘you are a process, not an object’ supports deeper understanding and long term solutions for your individual needs. Graham Theory Studio is a Dojo – an interactive space to develop well being and health. No matter the difficulties or stresses faced in the outside world, I want everyone who enters the Dojo to feel at ease and a liberating ‘moving towards life and progression’. The experience of solutions begin at that moment.